Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend-ing myself into a "relaxed" frenzy

I haven't had a real weekend since... Sigh. Let's not talk about it. Too. Long.

All week, I have been vey excited about this coming weekend. I had ZERO real obligations. Really. Not one. This means, of course, that I planned 215 things to do. Suddenly, this afternoon I realized I was a little stressed out about all the things I wanted to do this weekend when I had nothing to do. I hope to...

Finish a book and a half

Clean out the shed

Clean my house (suitcases and laundry have taken OVER)

Wash the humidity glued pollen-y grossness off my windows

Get my oil changed and do some other car maintenance-y type stuff

Wash my car (no small feat without a hose, a designated parking spot, and with a slightly quirky window situation. Remarkably, there are like zero self-wash car places around. I'd shell out the quarters, but it seems nobody wants my quarters. Perhaps this needs some further googling...)

Spend time with several friends

Cook at home - store some for next week's lunches (I am the worst lunch packer. For example, today: ginger snaps and leftover conference Sunchips. "Umm. Grow up Megan!" I hear you. I know, I know. I'm trying...)

Buy a bicycle (or at least investigate/order one)

Investigate the purchase of a bicycle rack that might fit on my tiny, tiny car without causing it harm

Lay in the sun somewhere green (Anywhere but my woodchipped backyard!)

Actually GO to church - not listen to it on the internet from somewhere else (in my pajamas)

Sleep in

I think that last one may have to go if there is hope for the rest of the list. Actually, I think I've decided that I'm firmly commited to refusing to commit to any of these activities or much of a schedule (which would be the only way to get it all in.). Nothing on the list is time sensitive. Except maybe the oil change and friends and church. Hmm. See? Do you see this? Already thwarting my own commitment to uncommitment. Fail. I watched a movie and talked on the phone to a good friend tonight. Relaxation defined. I'm trying. One step at a time... I think I can talk myself into it...

Happy weekend to us all. Hope you're all getting a sincere break amongst your productivity and that you haven't overthought your weekends to the point of frenzied constant activitiy. Good luck to us all.


  1. Good luck to you. I adore free weekends.

  2. Thanks Joyce. It wasn't a complete failure and now I've survived another weekend and accomplished nearly the whole list - except for the window washing. Shockingly, I just didn't rush right into that...


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