Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sovereignty, Democracy, and Dancing

Church tonight was focused on the Sovereignty of God. (Check out NCC's - Lovin' it at week 5 of 9.) God's sovereignty was an interesting thing to think about on a weekend when we so proudly celebrate democracy. I'm a big fan of God's sovereignty and our democracy and the dichotomy is only of face value in this case. The truth is, there isn't a thing about His extraordinary sovereignty and our cool little democratic republic that is mutually exclusive. We have the right to have chosen our system and to exist under it because He said so. "Let there be free will" - or something like that. Plus, the U.S. government is inspired in large part by biblical recommendations on government. (That book is so handy!)

It's good to be reminded that God's willing to lead - more than willing, the only one capable. We're the only resistance. If we're willing to let him lead though, we're going to be much better dancers.

If you know me at all, you know I don't really dance when I can be seen. I'm terribly awkward and clumsy. I think it's probably as upsetting and embarassing for witnesses as it is for me (you're welcome for my resistance in this case.). So, this analogy in my head was a good one as it struck me tonight. The few times I've been sucked into dancing over the last few years I've realized that not only do I dance terribly by myself, I also follow terribly. So, I need a strong lead. I need someone to stare me down, guide me around, and not hesitate at all while being very patient and forgiving that I'm making him look pretty stupid compared to his far superior skill. God's a really good lead. Unlike all of the humans who are probably pretty grateful that I give up so easily, God has been using "bad dancers" to do His work since Adam & Eve.

The point here isn't that I'm clumsy though. (I don't feel the need to convince anyone of this - I don't remember anyone ever arguing this point.) The point is, if we'd just let Him lead more, we'd be better dancers. Think of all the wimps and weirdos He's done his work with over the years. He'll turn our awkard stumblings into His grace if we let Him.

I could really stand to be a better dancer. All that free will, and we're really just better off if we give it back. All I want to do is be led. Well, at least I want to want that... We'll see. I bet there is at least a little more awkward dancing in my analogous future (in my actual future I've learned to avoid dancing pretty effectively in any place where others might see.). I'm going to practice being led this week though. It's a real, live actual goal. Because I said so and you heard it. Feel free to remind me. I'll try to be correctable, but that's a work in progress too...

And I might just dance for real when you're not looking this week. What's the point of having your very own basement bedroom to hide in if you can't be a little stupid?


  1. Love your writing, Megan! I especially like this post--learning to be a better follower. I'm the same way on the dance floor, not too clumsy if I'm just swaying back and forth, but I always try to lead the leader when coupled up. Love the analogy to following Christ!

    I'll be visiting here often--you have an amazing voice. :)

  2. So, I'm still working this out and really sincerely thought I'd responded to your comment. It seems I've never responded to any comments. Technology 1, Megan 0. Thanks Jennifer - glad you're here. :)


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