Saturday, July 2, 2011

Morning is overrated.

I've been thinking about blogging for weeks - well years, but more seriously in the last few weeks. The title and the design and what to say in THE FIRST POST have been haunting me. I'm taking it all too serioously - I do that... What I really wanted all along was to get down to sharing the words. So here is where we shall begin - at the beginning of the day. Morning - and why I'm opposed.

I have never been a morning person. Morning is hard. People who wake up with the birds and sing along baffle me. Please, for your own safety, never sing to me in the morning. I am successfully fake-happy- morning-Megan, but if you sing I can't make any promises that the fake happy will be able to stand strong - particularly if you're trying to wake me up. Bring on the showtunes, but please just save them for a few hours.

I wake up slowly. In a fog. At the last possible minute. In a rush. I know it's not a good system, but I seem to be sincerely incapable of changing it. Mornings where anything much at all gets done to my hair are a major (and infrequent) victory. It just hurts too much to have the light in my eyes for all that getting ready business.

Morning is loud. People are rushing off to places. Some people - perhaps even most people - have this expectation that we're all well rested and full of energy in the morning. They say things in the morning about being "rip roaring and ready to go." What does that even mean? I neither rip, nor roar. I'm not sure what the benefits would be and I don't think I'll start - at any time of day, but especially in the morning. I realize that the sun was very important in ancient times. When we were lacking in electricity and needed to work by sunshine. I don't need that now though, I'd get enough sunshine in the afternoon hours for healthy survival. I'm certain. I've heard all that business about circadian rhythm and sunshine. It's a convincing argument, but I'm not sold. I've tried to change my "bad" late night habits, but I hated it.

I'm just a night owl. I like the hours between eleven and two best. I like the quiet murmurs of nighttime. The cooler weather, the calm in the air. I think clearly when most people have stopped thinking for the day. This blog is to share my hours of clarity. I promise I won't always trash morning and sing the praises of midnight. It's just my time to reflect on the day without the loud brightness of it all overwhelming me. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

Seriously though, for both of our sakes, do all you can not to call me before 8 am. It's better for both of us. I promise that anything I say before 10:30 or so just won't be my best. And before 8 is likely to be completely incoherent. I may not remember the conversation at all.  Just write it down - try again at 11 or so, maybe bring coffee if it's really important.

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