Monday, July 25, 2011

It IS "just like riding a bike". It IS!! Eventually anyway...

Saturday, I went to inspect bicycle options. I found one that meets the basic needs - which were pretty basic - no triathlons in my near future. Basically, it needed wheels and a seat that didn't look like torture. I found some reasonable options online, but did NOT want to put together a bike. I decided it would be far more frustrating than fulfilling (sometimes I like to conquer projects, but...). I found one that had wheels, was put together, and was on sale - dream bike. It's only downfall was its pinkness. It has some silverness for counterbalance, but still, significant pinkness - and I am not a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. I am cheap though, so I got over it - mostly...

I didn't buy the bike Saturday though, for a couple reasons. First, I fear impulse purchases. Apparently even ones that are actually pretty planned.  More significantly though, it occurred to me that I wasn't sure the last time I rode a bike. I remember really liking it as a kid and I can see the value of the exercise and convenience where I live. So, it seemed like a great plan. However, the last time I can recall riding was in college while camping with a friend's family. I also remember falling off, twice, at least... (In my defense, this bike belonged to my friend's brother and reaching both pedals at once was a bit challenging for my significantly-shorter-than-his legs.). I'd had this thought before, but thought, surely I'll be fine. This is why people say: "it's just like riding a bike". Still if you stand next to this rather unassuming piece of metal in the store, you might panic and think to yourself: "a bike?" "Will that hold me up?" "Are you sure they don't only hold up small children and Lance Armstrong?" "Can I remain upright?" "I can rarely make it through a day without walking into a wall!" Ok, it may not have been quite this dramatic. (No, it was. It sounded just like that inside of my head.). So, I decided I better try to ride a bike before I invested a lot of money into something I'd get on only to immediately break both of my arms and legs (Ok fine, maybe I'd just skin my knee. Still unappealing!). So, I borrowed my roommate's bike. And it was a delightful experience completely lacking in injuries of any sort. Of course it was. "It's just like riding a bike." Most people believe this. I have issues...

So,  Sunday I bought the bike. I rode the bike (briefly, it was 100 degrees outside. Eww.). I'm going to love the bike, despite its pinkness. (I'm going to embrace its pinkness. "Come on Barbie, let's go party!") I'm delighted by its presence in my life - like a small child with a new bike (growing up is overrated.). I even cleaned out the shed to give it a home and bought it a fancy lock and a cool flashy light (because we know I'll ride at night. It's inevitable.). I'm going to be the coolest biker in town (No, no I'm not cool. I know. Let me just believe this for 5 minutes though ok?)

I'm so glad it's really "just like riding a bike." It's nice to have things you can depend on - even when you don't.

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  1. "First, I fear impulse purchases. Apparently even ones that are actually pretty planned."

    BEST QUOTE EVER!! Seriously. Thats awesome. And true of me too. I'm loving these blogs. And now I've signed up for alerts so I'll be better about reading them as they come out. Love you!


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