Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes on Friday nights...

Sometimes on a Friday night I like to work until the sun comes up. Wait, that's not it...

Seriously though, sometimes I like to do NOTHING. Literally, nothing. When nothing is planned on a Friday night sometimes I like to go home, put on pajamas, watch 3 movies I've seen over and over, play a stupid game on my phone, and order pizza and eat it in the dark because it's too hot for cooking or excess use of electricity.

Then I begin to question my behavior. I could call someone. I could make them dinner. I could not spend money on pizza. I could be less anti-social. I could go outside (No, too far. According to Bugsy, it was 102 when I came home earlier - plus the marshland type humidity. Eww.). I could read a book. I could do some work. I could clean my house. I should have had a salad.

I could put in another movie and distract myself. Oooh!  and look! Someone responded on Words With Friends. (Shameless Friday Slug!)

I'll be productive tomorrow, and maybe I'll go outside. I'm far too white for the amount of sun available. My legs are opaque. You shouldn't look like that in a dress and you can't not wear a dress when it is this hot. You'll die. (Why is summer so long? Fall, come to me!)

And whatever you do, don't try to ride that new bike for more than 20 minutes. You'll die then too. What were you thinking? 

Happy weekend people! Do something you love or do nothing at all and love that.


  1. I think nothing Fridays are perfect after working all week.

    Remember when we would brew a pot of coffee on Friday night and then drink it all and go to bed. Good times.

  2. Yes. Sometimes there was a movie on and you wouldn't watch it at all. You'd just wander about being productive while I laid like a slug on the super comfy floral loveseat.


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