Monday, June 25, 2012


Remember yesterday how much fun I was going to have this summer? I'm still doing that! Some of it, it seems I have to do more quickly than other parts though.

It seems I better get on that movie projecting posthaste. It seems life is out to crash my party a little. Stupid life. You can't steal my party - literally. I'm doing it anyway.

So, I found out this morning I have to move. I have to say, I'm a little heartbroken. My lease is expiring and my landlord is not renewing so that they can renovate.

Objectively, I understand this. My little house is full of character. The charming sweet kind and the "a little rough around the edges" kind... They could certainly charge far more if they put a bit of love into it.

I'm not currently a fan of this objective part of me though. I'm crabby. I don't want to be reasonable and understanding. I'm pouting and you can't stop me. I like it here. I felt settled. I decorated. I'm cozy. I have memories here and now I must abandon them.

Yikes-A-Bee! Frickety Frack! Alas and alack. Boo.
(These words want to be swear words when they grow up, but I'm pretty sure they'll be bullied and never make it. I'm always for the underdogs though - even the words... The "real" curses seem somewhat lacking in creativity and vocabulary. What's the fun in that?)

So, I suppose I should stop whining and be proactive now. Spend some time on craigslist now - the source of all cheap housing... And the message boards and and and... All those places I tell interns and friends of friends who are moving to DC. If you have any leads on good deals, good roommates, near Old Town preferred, please shout it out. Maybe something better is coming my way?

I suppose I should start putting things in boxes soon too. I hate to pack.

Sigh. Shmerg.

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  1. Swearing = lack of imagination & limited vocabulary. :) So sorry you have to move, but hoping for a much better place... like a home without unidentified critters in the walls/pipes. Eek! Let me know how we can help... Love ya!


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