Thursday, June 7, 2012

She felt safe...

I got to go to another wedding this weekend and it was awesome again. And it was - against all odds - for another of my favorite people. Two weeks in a row. My life might be more fun than yours. I'm sorry.
It was amazing in completely different and equally freakin' awesome ways than the previous week's events.

The bride was my law school roommate - she put up with me for three intense years and in all our up close and personal she remains one of my all-time favorite people. She makes me laugh harder than almost anyone and 5 years after law school we find ourselves on opposite coasts, but I feel as close to her as ever and she still knows more of my secrets than just about anyone and is a rare safe place that hears what I say and hears as much in what is left unsaid. She always responds with love and wise counsel and understanding and without a glimmer of judgment. In review, I'm rather fiercely attached to this girl.

So, I was fiercely grateful with how generous she was with her time while I was there during what was - obviously - the very busy week of her wedding. I got to do all the amazing wedding events - and I'll get to that, but I also got to tag along on errands, meet the major characters in years of her stories, eat her favorite pizza, see a glimpse of where she grew up, and stay up talking too late and being roommates with my girl one last time before she belongs to some strange man. What a gift to me in a week where she ought to have been entirely on the receiving end.

About the strange man... I'm a fan. I'll admit I was worried - I'd never met the strange man. I trust this girl more than just about anyone and she doesn't make major life decisions lightly. So, when she told me she was engaged I was initially a little surprised, but not too concerned. Still though, just in case, I had to worry. It's what I do. What if I didn't like him? I might have needed to punch him in the face a lot of times or kidnap her. And I hate it when I have to break laws on vacation (and I was too sore from the bachelorette party to make any swift violent actions or quick getaways, but that's all you need to know about that...). Luckily, I think my brief moments with the strange man showed him strangely perfect. I watched him watch her across the room and it was precious. He treasured her and she deeply deserves it. He knew her well enough to tease her extremes into balance kindly and he makes her laugh. More importantly, I watched her look comfortable and feel safe when he was near and I decided I wouldn't commit any crimes at all. (It seemed easier not to fight in heels anyway.) I'd just  cheer him on because that much care should only be celebrated and if I could see it so quickly, then he just might deserve her. I'll just have to dedicate the coming years to getting to know him more because he has become a part of her forever (and, accordingly, mine).

The wedding was perfection. It was completely them. I could see the ways they'd taken careful efforts to honor and include their families and loved ones in things. A judge they both know well performed the ceremony. They threw a great party, not to throw the best party, but so all their loved ones left smiling. They took care of everyone right down to the details of having crayons and toys for the kids. Dinner was from one of their favorite restaurants and a local bakery made the (amazing!) cake. Predictably, the bride tried to serve the cake herself. Dear servant heart: please just this once be served! We talked her out of it - eventually... None of us said it that nicely - well, not me anyway... I swear it's just what I meant though! The bride even made breakfast in advance on Friday afternoon so they could enjoy a last meal with loved ones on Sunday before everyone left town. Their love (living Romans 12 style love) for each other and everyone present was evident everywhere.

Of course it was. That's just so you friend.

As we said good-bye on Sunday, she thanked me for coming - which sort of cracked me up. I mean, where else could I possibly have been while she got married? I told her I would have crashed her wedding without an invitation. I think I meant it. (I totally meant it.) How could I do anything but celebrate with this girl? Lucky for me I got an invitation. And my heart is still very much celebrating for you dear one. Even if you are kind of - well, as your former self would have said "pukey." 

It all made me think something I almost never think at weddings: "If I do this someday, I'd like it to be very much like this in many ways." Weird right? I'm so never that girl. In fact, in law school, the bride and another roommate planned a wedding for me. I think they'd given up hope on my taking part in this girly dreaming task on my own behalf... (For the record, they did a good job. I have held onto pieces of that plan. They knew me pretty well.) I blame my recent girliness on all the dressing up -the red heels and dresses and that especially wonderful girly necklace I've become weirdly attached to. It went to my head. I'm back in flats now, so it probably won't last. Still, in the midst of my happily independent singleness, the idea of partnering for life with someone that makes you laugh and feel safe is not without its merits. Not this week, but maybe someday. If I'm not busy... 


  1. Megan, this made me cry... we love you! Thanks for loving my Quinn and seeing her as the amazing person I see her as... she makes me laugh, too.

  2. captures both q and your hearts beautifully!

  3. Megan, You describe Quinn perfectly. Fun for me to read your perspective on Quinn as a young adult and your good friend. Thankful and happy to see the potential I saw in Quinn's teenage years become reality! Also good to see Quinn find forever friends like yourself! (Opposite coasts wont ever matter for you two - I can tell) Thank you for sharing your thoughts on one of my volleyball daughters!

  4. Megan....what beautiful words of "friends forever love" expressed by you. Sooo very well put!! I was Quinn's kindergarten teacher and have had the priviledge of watching her grow up. Loved to see Quinn thru your best friend eyes!! She is a beautiful lady-inside & out!! Thankful she is blessed, content and happy in her life! I have been blessed with a forever friend...we all need one- and I am glad you two have that kind of a friendship!! God's blessings!!

  5. Where was this wedding? I'm curious!

  6. Thanks everyone - she's an easy topic to gush on and it was such a great few days in Yakima, Washington.


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