Monday, November 26, 2012

Merry, Happy, Cheery, Shiny!

Oh Christmas, welcome back dear friend!

And hello to you friends. Hello, hello and I'm sorry I'm the most absent blogger on the planet. The thing is, I've actually written and deleted several ridiculous things you didn't want to read. Tonight though, I'm just going to get all merry and rambly. Because. I. Can.

Today was Monday after a (great) long weekend. I was feeling just a teensy bit of angst about having to go to work. It was all ok though, because there was the Pandora Christmas station crooning wonderfulness at me. Nat King Cole, the Rat Pack, Sinatra, Mikey Bubble, Mariah, etc. all jingling and chestnut roasting and dashing through the snow and making me productive. I do believe, that every email for which I have control of the answer has been answered. (What? I'm amazing? I know, right?)

It totally helped that I got to warm up for Christmas this weekend. A friend made cookies and I decorated them in a truly unattractive way, maintaining a firm last place in the cookie decorating contest, sweet and sticky just how I like it. We also watched Elf. And it's all left me totally "I like smiling! Smiling's my favorite!"

And when I came home tonight I cooked to my ridiculous, wonderful, familiar home blend of Christmas cheer. Jars, Point of Grace, Relient K, Hansen (yeah, you heard me!), Dolly, and on and on... I cooked, and I may have danced around like an idiot. I'm not sure where my roommate is, but luckily for her, she doesn't seem to be in town to put up with my current Christmas madness.

Are you dancing around like a crazy person with your music at the loudest volume that won't irritate your neighbors? You should try it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Go!

I'm going to go. I have to go dig out that cute garland & tiny, tiny tree for my office. I want to cover everything in Christmas lights, but until I buy some the tiny, tiny tree will have to hold me over.

Have a merry, happy, cheery, shiny everything. It's the season when you can get away with it.

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  1. I get extra cheery this time of year as well! Feliz Navidad.


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