Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wet Things and Orange Things and Wet, Orange Things

Orange you glad (groan) your basement - where your bedroom is - isn't flooding right now? I'm glad your basement isn't flooding too. I'm less delighted about the situation in my laundry room and watching very carefully to ensure that water stays dried up and out of my room... It seems to be a somewhat controlled leak at this point, but the wall is WET and the sump pump is working overtime. Eek. Adventures in renting... Luckily, I noticed that the corner of the bright orange rug in the laundry room was wet - or it could have been far more exciting before I got a handle on it. Next time I'm going to be lucky, I'm hoping to NOT notice it's wet, because it isn't. A girl can dream.

When it rains, it pours... Also, when it quakes it tropical storms - this week anyway...

What's extra sad about the whole basement wetness situation is that I JUST got a basement bathroom leak problem fixed today. Which I think may have gotten a little shaken up in the quake or just been a seal as old as time that needed to be replaced - or both. The very nice plumber made it all better this afternoon though. I wish he were still here with his taking his shoes off at my front door and leaving my bathroom cleaner than he found it. I bet he'd be better than me at solving the other leaking also... (Well, but I think anyone probably would.)

In other wet and orange news.... I went to the Women of Faith conference in DC last night and today. I got to go for free by volunteering. I got to wear an extraordinarily-attractive, orange smock style apron for a good cause. It had really big pockets where I carried - a lot of stuff... I was awesome. Try not to be too jealous. Seriously though, the work was only on the breaks and the conference turned out to be one of those places I was meant to be. Hearing things I needed to be reminded of. I may have cried. It may have been multiple times. I may have sprung a personal leak and cried when everyone else had moved on to some very upbeat worship. Maybe... "Umm, Hello? I'm leaking? Where is the knob to turn the water off on me?" I had a much easier time turning off the bathroom water problem...

It is not always convenint to be emotional and leaky. It used to be very rare that I cried. People keep telling me it's good for me lately. Umm, what? I don't care. I don't wanna. Apparently I am in some sort of season of weaping, because God seems to have aligned a myriad of people to tell me how good it is for me to cry in order to counteract the myriad of people and things He is using in my life to cause the crying. At least I knew not to wear mascara today after last night's leaking. I might need to stop wearing mascara for several months. Seriously though, Women of Faith, while it had a few rather cheesy moments, made far more of an impact on me than I expected. It was fun and sincere and powerfully truth packed - but in simple, "I can remember that" packages. I'm slightly regretting not buying a couple of books there. I'm willing to bet Amazon will help me out with those though.

On the other hand, I rescued a very wet Amazon box from my porch just today with three other books in it (They were still 98% dry - thankfully). So, maybe I should just add those books to the someday list since there was already a stack waiting for the latest three to join. I have more interest than hours to read. I'll catch up sometime though! I might just need to watch less Gilmore Girls reruns and turn more pages. Oh time management... (that's a whole other blog.)

I think I'll go work on the reading right now. (After I just, real quick, check the laundry room situation for the 912th time...)

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