Thursday, September 29, 2011

I wear my sunglasses inside...

I wear my sunglasses inside (and at night)
So I can, so I can see

No really...

I lost my glasses in (gasp) the first week of July.
Then I spent the next week in Florda.
Then, I looked for them, with great determination and cleaning of my home, for a week.
Then I thought: "sad times. totally, totally lost. I need new ones. Must find opthalmologist!"
Then, I did nothing. No, wait - I squinted for a couple weeks.
Then, I began to get headaches.
Finally, I researched eye doctors and found an opthalmologist within walking distance of my home or office.
Then, I didn't make an appointment - for 2 weeks. ("Why Megan, why!" I know... I'm thinking it too.)
Then, FINALLY, on August 29th I made an appointment and they got me in right away, September 1st.
Then, I went & didn't choose glasses. Commitment phobia!
Then, I went to the Mitten for Labor Day (Wish I could do that weekend again this weekend.)
Finally though, the following week September 8th, I went and I chose glasses AND prescription sunglasses. (Buy one, get one sale - SCORE!)
Here though, is where the story takes a turn - that turn being, it's finally somebody's fault besides mine. The glasses which should come in 7 - 10 days are still not here 21 days later. The sunglasses, on the other hand, I've had for a week now and that was after waiting a week thinking I'd just pick them up at the same time as the glasses.
So, it may be the case that once or twice I wore the sunglasses while driving at a somewhat later hour that was somewhat lacking in sunshine. And perhaps I "forgot" to take them off when I came inside...and read a book once (a day, on several days). Totally normal to forget things like taking off your sunglasses sometimes...

I wear my sunglasses inside. What kind of weirdo does that? (Weirdo with a headache, that's what kind.)

At least it's not my fault. Stupid company being slow with my complicated prescription! I mean, it's not like I waited TWO entire months when I'm nearly blind in one eye. Oh wait...

Anyway, if you see me with purple sunglasses on inside. It's cool. Call me Corey Hart.

I wear my sunglasses inside (and at night)
So I can, so I can
See the light that's right in front of me


They'll come in soon right? In the meantime, I'm keeping Advil in business and upon review of the sunglasses song, I've decided it's sort of depressing. Sad. Mine aren't depressing. The purpleness negates all sunglasses related depression.


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